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Zakat system and Shariah Can Provide Economic Solutions

Zakat system and Shariah Can Provide Economic Solutions

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Large zakat potential yet untapped maximally expected to be one solution to the economic problems that occur at this time. In addition, the Islamic financial system is also expected to be the solution of global economic problems.
Moreover, in view of its development in recent years, the financial system and the system of Islamic banking is very encouraging and continue to grow. This has become one of the points discussed at the international workshop related to zakat, waqf and Islamic microfinance held in Bogor on 29 April 2013 then.
The event presents 25 speakers invited from neighboring countries. The event also discussed the strengthening of economic container Shariah law is clear.
According to Prof. Dr. Didier Hafidhuddin as Chairman of the Board of the National Zakat, problems and faced by some countries is almost the same time on how to improve the poor to be empowered and one way is due and economic activity associated with it,
According to him, the zakat potential in this country can be considered quite large at around Rp 210 trillion. But currently only around Rp 2.73 trillion unearthed so that hail is becoming a major challenge for the BAZ. One obstacle zakat untapped potential is still shallow understanding masyakrakat and have a false understanding. Therefore, it will continue its efforts to educate, socialize, strengthening of institutions, and empowering people to start switching from the consumptive nature to be more productive.
Didier also believe that other economic activities related to the BAZ as microfinance also has great potential as a solution to overcome the problems of the world economy.Didier said that Islamic financial services is still very young. But its development is so incredible. In fact, Islamic economics has begun to be used by the state - the state that most of the population are not Muslims because Islamic economics is not only commercial but also more attention to the human side. In Indonesia, the development of Islamic economics has been very encouraging.


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