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Vertikultur, Solutions For Costly Anticipating Food Prices

Vertikultur, Solutions For Costly Anticipating Food Prices

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Soaring prices of onions and garlic in Solo and several regions in Indonesia a few weeks ago that through the price to $ 55,000, - per kilogram helped make many people spoke related causes and complaints are not normally the price.
Wenny Ekayanti, Head of the Department of Agriculture in Surakarta menjalaskan that is not the city of Solo supplier of garlic and onions because of the limited land available for farming or farming.
According Wenny, they have made various efforts to deal with the increase in the price of horticulture, one of which is to provide motivation and support to the community by way of veltikultur namely how to grow crops in a narrow area.
Furthermore, Wenny vertikultur asserted that the practice can be a good and effective solution to address the problem of rise in prices of onions and other food prices.
When viewed on a global scale, the application of this vertikultur does not give significant effect. However, when viewed in context of a household scale, the practice is very helpful vertikultur each household to meet their food needs. To grow onions in vertikultur quite done with just one pot.
According Wenny, the issue price in the field of horticulture and agriculture is a reasonable condition where there is a cycle every year. However, this should not be forgotten because it also requires special handling and management.
We must also anticipate the possibility of the existence of things - things related to the scarcity of foodstuffs by performing the management of speculation. Because agricultural commodities have a cycle, the result is influenced by the weather, and is influenced by various factors lainnya.Oleh Therefore it is necessary to get attention and special treatment of all parties. Do not just the pursuit of profit or profit of production.
Wenny also explained that for the year 2013, the Department of Agriculture has allocated roughly $ 200 million that will be used for socialization and provide assistance vertikultur, tree planting, crop maintenance, planting medicinal herbs, and others - others related. With the help of the community is expected to air vertikultur awareness will be increased.


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