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The Role Of Radiology In The Medical Field

The Role Of Radiology In The Medical Field

Radiology In The Medical Field
Author: Paula
Radiology is a specialty or branch of medicine that studies and applying imaging technology in the medical world such as radiation and x-rays to diagnose and treat various diseases.
The radiologist is usually an expert from imaging technology. Some of the imaging technology used in the medical field is a Computed Tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET), nuclear medicine, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging or MRI. Technology – the technology has been dimanfaat to diagnose and treat various diseases.

So in this medical science, the main thing learned is how to see the body of rama with the rays or radiation waves mechanical waves or waves both eletromagnetik. Initially only digunaknya shaped frequency x-rays. But along with kemjuan technology, started scanning techniques or very high waves such as MRI and ultrasound.
In the field of Radiology diagnostic imaging modalities, there are some, such as:
• Projection Radiography
Radiography or Roentgenography produced by x-ray transmission through a patient to a special device that will capture the beam and then the device will transform it into a picture for diagnosed. The performance of x-ray radiography is coming past patients. The rays went into the patient's body will lead to screen radiography. Then the phosphorus glow on a cassette tape of light. The screen will undergo a chemical process to bring up gambardi the screen.

Angiography and fluoroskopi is the application of x-ray imaging where screen flurescent and intensifier tubes will gambat was briefly engaged to a television circuit system to allow real time imaging of structure and movement occur in the body so that the doctor can see the anatomy, the performance of the blood vessels, and the digestive system.

• CT Scan
This is a procedure that can be used to get an overview of the various angles of small brain and skull bones. Weight loss patients that do CT scan should also be considered because patients can follow a CT scan of her weight should not be more than 145 kg.


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