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The History Of Medical Science

The History Of Medical Science
Author: Paula
The History Of Medical Science

In the United Kingdom, medical language means medicine. Medicine is a science and art of studying disease and how – how is healing. The history of the emergence of medical science that exists today has been through such a long process.
At times in the past, most of the cultures in the community use is growing – plant and animal to do the treatment. This is in accordance with the magical beliefs shared by the community at that time, namely the existence of a deity, animism – goddess, and witchcraft. The community embraced the anisme believe that inanimate objects – actually has a spirit or have a relationship with the spirits of the ancestors,

The old medicine – growing old in Ancient Egypt as separate, Ancient India, Persia, China, and other places. In 1400an there is a change of an existing medicine i.e. medical science approach to science. These changes cause a lot of rejection of science – medical science that has been done by ancient societies because it does not correspond to the facts or reality. Some new characters such as Vesalius, who is an expert on anatomy reveals his rejection of the theory – the great ancient medical theory such as Avicenna, Hippocratic theory, and Galen. This may occur because the weak influence of the Church in society at the time.
Medical science is done like at this time began to develop since the end of the 18th century in the United Kingdom by William Harvey. Several other people who initiate the new world in medical science such as Rudolf Virchow from Germany and Claude Bernard and Jean Martin Charcot from France. Modern medical science can be described as a scientific medicine because of all the results – the results are already undergoing tests. Modern medicine is also replacing the tradition of early medicine, Greece, herbalisme, humorlasime and theory – theory of pre modern. Then the center of the development of medical sciences was established in the United States and the start of the United Kingdom in the early 1900s by William Osler and Harvey Cushing.
Evidence based medicine is the actions taken to provide effective performance and must use the scientific method by considering global science information.


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