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Sutardji Calzoum Bachri's Biography

Sutardji Calzoum Bachri's Biography

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Sutardji Calzoum Bachri's 
Sutardji Calzoum Bachri is one linguist pride of Indonesia. He was born in Riau on 24 June 1943. After graduating from high school, Bachri continued his studies up to the doctoral level at the University of Padjajaran, Bandung. He mengambul Department of State administration at the Faculty of social.
Sutardji was the fifth of eleven siblings. He is the son of Mohammad Bachri Calzium rematch. In 1982, Sutardji was married to Mila Seraiwangi. Sutardji pioneered the world's kesusastraa of his career since he was a student. At that time, he writes for the weekly newspaper in Bandung. He also sent an essay and poems – his verses to the mass media in Jakarta such as Kompas, Berita Buana, Sinar Harapan, the Javanese culture, and monthly magazines and horizon. 
In addition, Sutardji also sent the paper – his work to local newspapers such as the bow in the people's Minds and in the appeal. Since then, Sutardji began to be taken into account as an eminent poet. In the year 2000 to the year 2002 sedudah ceased to be editor of Horizon magazine, he worked as a guard room art Heralds, particularly addressing the poetry to be published to the daily Kompas.
In addition to liking the world writing, Sutardji also actively follow various activities such as International Poetry Reading held in Rotterdam in 1974 and followed International Writing Program that was held in the USA in the year 1974 together Taufik Ismail and Kiai Haji Mustofa Bisri.
Linguist who was called as the President of this Poet was also invited in the meeting of the International students in Baghdad, has been invited by the Ministry of finance Malaysia to recite the poem, following a meeting of the Poets, following the meeting of the ASEAN, poet and read poems in the Poetry International Festival of Medellin held in 1997 in Columbia.
Several popular works of Sutardji Calzoum Bachri are O, Amuck, axes, Arjuna in Meditation, Westerly Review, Writing from the Word, etc. In addition to writing poetry, writing short stories is also fond of Sutardji and essays. A collection of short stories created by Sutardji which have been published are the Rain Writing Chicken in 2001. In the meantime, his publicized is Rain Bross and poetry, essays and Motion of the waves and Rhyme Anno.


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