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Solution To Overcome Price Increase Onions

Solution To Overcome Price Increase Onions

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Recently, the price of onions both onions and garlic has increased significantly. In fact, garlic is one of the basic needs of people in Indonesia so that the onion price rise raises new problems in society.
According to members of the House of Representatives Commission IV, M Jafar Hafsah, to combat rising prices of onions in Indonesia, there are four steps short term and five long-term measures to cope with the surge rise in prices of garlic and onion.
According to Jafar, the first step is the strict control of imports by calculating the time taps harvest the garlic and onion so it does not harm farmers. The second way is to intensify the operation in order to combat and prevent hoarding of onions by the importer or rogue speculators who deliberately want to benefit from this increase in onion prices. If there are findings heaps of garlic and red, you should immediately put into the market. The third way is crack down on rogue importers and speculators to ensnare them by Law No. 18 of 2012 on food prices.
According to Jafar under the Act, a person who deliberately hoarding and harmful to society and lead to higher food prices could be given administrative sanction, criminal, and penalties. The legal action is important that the perpetrators be a deterrent. The fourth way is immediately set trade system for bawnag white garlic is a commodity that 90 to 95 percent dependent on imports.
For long-term solutions to overcome the scarcity of garlic, the first way is to synchronize and update data consumption and production data and garlic red bawnag to formulate a production policy.
Then, the second step is to apply post-harvest handling, cold storage technologies, in particular in order to accommodate the crop farmers when production of onions being excessive so that it can be used as a buffer. In addition, the role of Bulog should be increased to maintain the availability of food, including garlic and shallots. Another long-term solution is to ensure the availability of sufficient land for onion production nationwide. If Indonesia has a productivity of 10 tonnes per hectare, then the availability of land 150,000 ha, then their products can meet national needs. The fifth solution is to conduct research and development of technology to produce white bawnag varieties that can grow optimally in Indonesia.


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