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Revitalization of Bulog Function, Economic Solution For Food Prices Unstable

Revitalization of Bulog Function, Economic Solution For Food Prices Unstable

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Institute for Development of Economics and Finance or commonly abbreviated as INDEF stated role or Logistics Agency Bulog in stabilizing food prices should be returned. Some commodities in recent months experienced a significant increase such as beef, soy, and currently is a commodity that increased garlic.
Ahmad Erani Yustika, INDEF economists say that the solution to the scarcity of basic necessities this problem is to accelerate the self-sufficiency of which is solving problems in the medium term. Solutions that can be done in the near future according to Yustika is to streamline further the role of Bulog falam order to maintain the stability of food prices.
According Yustika, to achieve food self-sufficiency requires quite a long time so that self-sufficiency is the best short-term solution. In addition, the government also had to intervene in the market price is to suppress the occurrence of a significant price increase. Sebagiknya benchmark price setting is done so that both parties do not harm consumers and the farmers.
Yustika confirms that the phenomenon of skyrocketing prices of some food commodities showed the government less able to perform its obligations properly. Soaring prices of food commodities have been frequent and repeated constantly because there is no solution kemprehensif. The problems of food prices has actually been going on since 1998 when the role of Bulog revoked.
As it is known that the increase in the price of garlic in the market was made the president furious. President on the occasion of a limited cabinet meeting expressed disappointment there is the performance of ministers in the economic field,
Bulog's role has been stripped by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 1998 because they have committed a monopoly role. Discourse on the revitalization of the function Bulog has been raised by the President in August 2012 last year. However, until now not known whether the revitalization of Bulog way or the other to help cope with rising food prices are constantly rising. If the rise in food prices can not be adequately addressed, it would be misery to the people whose lives during this already difficult.


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