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Public and medical education Task – the task of general practitioners

Public and medical education Task – the task of general practitioners
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Public and medical education Task
General Medicine is the science that studies about the basics – basic medicine with common health problems in the community. General Medicine is certainly different from medical science specialists who focus only on his knowledge of a specific field. Meanwhile science learned in general medicine includes medical and basic science – other things in General. 

Someone who wants to become a general practitioner must traverse a course of study general medicine that will prepare them to later can work interdisciplinary. The medical world is certainly very closely related to practical work, so that the educational process which is limited not only in class but also practice directly in the field. Methods – methods that are implemented in the common medical education as well as medical specialist is problem based learning (PBL) where they will be given a case and find the best solution to deal with the problem. 
In addition to getting an education, a person who is entered in the General Medicine Education should also follow the medical profession where education this profession will ensure that the doctor is correct – the right ripe and ready to plunge in the community and help those who need help.
The curriculum used in general medicine tailored to the needs of the world's current health and well prepared for the challenge – able to answer the challenge in the future. Regarding the competence, the competence of which must be taken by the general practitioner was already set up and established by the Medical Council, Indonesia.
In practice as a general practitioner, general practitioner has some tasks such as:
• Conduct physical testing of patients and asks the patient or the family – the family to determine the health status or helping to diagnose the diseases suffered by patients.
• Order laboratory tests and other diagnostic procedures – prosesur to help analyze the findings obtained by physicians and help determine the traits – the hallmark of disease or abnormality.
• Offers medical care to patients on an ongoing basis including giving assistance, counseling, prescribe, monitor treatment, and perform preventative action.
General practitioners working in different fields so that if there are patients who need serious handling on a particular field, these patients would henceforth be handled by a specialist.


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