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Pediatric Medical Specialties, Subspecialties

Pediatric Medical Specialties, Subspecialties
Author: Paula
Pediatric Medical Specialties, Subspecialties

The science of child health are usually referred to by the term Pediatrics. Paediatrics is one of the branches of medical science specialization of a more focused study on infants and children. Paediatric terms taken from the language of the word Greece paidi and iatros. Paidi means son while iatros is the doctor, then the doctor often called with paediatrics.
Most pediatricians are members of the National Board for example Ties Indonesia Pediatrician. Mr. Abraham Jacobi is world of paediatrics.

Certainly paediatrics is different with General Medicine or adults who focus more on the problem – the problem of adults. The difference of the physical body that is very clear and level of maturity in the growth of children certainly makes the health of the children could not be equated with adults and requires its own specialties.
For example, baby. The baby has a smaller body so that the physiological aspects of already ejlas that he is different from adults. In addition, other medical aspects which affected such as Oncology, immunologi, and congenital septal. Then menangai patients are not the same as the small version of the adult patients because they have different conditions and still in its infancy.
In the 19th century, many of the children who died before the age of five years. The majority of deaths caused by infectious diseases. Currently some of the causes of such deaths can be prevented by the disease when a cure the disease strikes children and most of the disease prevented before they occur by way of immunization.
Pediatricians are not just limited to treating sick children and providing immunization, but pediatrician also could be said as a partner for the parents because in addition to helping prevent disease, they also advise parents on how to maintaining food safety, nutrition, and food – what foods should not be eaten by the little one. If the child is already big enough, the pediatrician would teach them about how to avoid injury and keep yourself. Since childhood or childhood – childhood is a time of change and development, then the pecegahan be the main part of paediatrics.


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