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Neurology, Medical Specialty dealing with Nerves

Neurology, Medical Specialty dealing with Nerves
Author: Paula
Neurology, Medical Specialty
The human body consists of the nerves and the nervous system that have functions respectively. Arrangement and performance of these nerves – nerves are very complicated. In medicine, there is a special branch of medicine study and nervous about handling i.e. Neurology.
The specifics of Neurology is the branch of medicine that studies the nervous system not only humans but also handle disorder – a disorder that occurs in the human nervous system. A specialist who worked on the field of Neurology commonly known with the neurologist. 
Neurologist has the ability to diagnose, provide treatment, and create a nervous disorder patients. Most of the neurologist is only prepared to handle adult patients than children because that is happening in the field, many neurological disorders are found in adults than children.
However, there is also a pediatric neurologist dealing with neurological disorders in children. Pediatric neurologist, however this is not a branch of general medicine but a branch of the health sciences or paediatrics. In Indonesia, the physician specialties of Neurology has a nerve specialist or Sp s.
In the concept of science or doctor neurologist thought neurological disease, the whole person is the embodiment of functionality the system her nerves. Because the field of scope so vast, it's no wonder if the nervous disorder not only learned by neurologist alone but also studied by specialists such as neurooftalmologi, Neuropsychology, psychiatry, etc.
Nerve specialist or neurologist deal with abnormalities that occur in the human nervous system, including the central nervous system, nervous system, and the autonomic nervous system. In addition, the neurologist also has the ability to diagnose and examine a number of cases in the system of bones and muscles. 
Some conditions commonly treated by neurologist doctor is epilepsy, strokes, degenerative nerve disorders, infections of the brain, the nervous system abnormalities, injuries trautamtik edge, difficulty talking, etc. In this stage of the examination to the patient, usually a neurologist first reviewed the medical history of the patient. The patient will also undergo a clinical examination to help diagnose diseases neurologist suffered by the patient and determine treatment or treatment that should be done.


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