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Multilateral Trade, Global Economic Solutions To Problems

Multilateral Trade, Global Economic Solutions To Problems

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Mari Elka Pangestu convinced that the multilateral trading system is a solution to the problem of the global economy. This was said by Mari during a visit to France in February. In France, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia was met with Nicole Bricq (Minister of International Trade), Slyvia Pinel (Minister of Arts, Commerce, and Tourism) and Pierre Sellal (Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
In a press release, Mari said that many trade issues that can only be resolved by means of multilateral. The existence of the multilateral trading system is to ensure transparency and certainty.
In a meeting in France with Pierre Sellal and Nicole Bricq, Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia in the period 2004 to 2011 is about the bilateral relations between France and Indonesia and also discussed his relationship with the EU.
On the other hand, in the meeting Mari Sylvia Pinelmet, one of the topics of their conversation was the development of tourism and creative economy, especially those related to the role of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), which is increasingly a concern of government to grow the economy in the country. Follow-up of the framework for cooperation in the tourism sector also contribute to the discussion, especially since this is part of the strategic cooperation between the two countries, namely Indonesia and France.
This cooperation covers aspects of education, training and sustainable tourism as well as cooperation in the private sector.In France, in addition to meeting with several government officials, there Mari also discussed with the think tank include the HEC, CEPI, and HRI. At the meeting, Mari Pangestu also expressed his thoughts about trading systems, what should be done with regard to the number of trade issues and challenges facing trade, and a strategy to strengthen the WTO.
In connection with the possibility of US-EU agreement Translantic Partnership, Tourism Minister also revealed that the most important challenge is to ensure that regional and bilateral agreements must be consistent and complementary material to the multilateral treaty system.


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