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Micro Economic Empowerment Solutions As Economy

Micro Economic Empowerment Solutions As Economy

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Microeconomics or commonly called microeconomics is a branch of economics that studies the behavior of companies and consumers as well as market pricing and quantity of input factors, services, and products traded. Microeconomics examines how these decisions and behaviors can affect the supply and demand for goods and services that will be influential in determining the price, how hagra pda turn, and determine the demand and supply of goods and services further.
Poverty and unemployment is a classic problem that can never be separated from the Indonesian state. This issue became the most complex problems faced by the Indonesian state because the process of implementation of state very long would imagine reduction of poverty and unemployment because this is the mainstream of a development.
The concept is very close to the concept of poverty is improverishment or things - things that causes people to become poorer. While impoverisment process is an active process to remove the right - the basic rights and access are systematically created and reproduced by several global mechanisms such as the destruction of the people's resources, environmental degradation, unemployment, political, foreign debt, and inflation.
This process is known as the process of weakening or economic disempowerment, social, ecological, political, cultural and especially for marginalized or minority communities.
In order to alleviate poverty and unemployment in Indonesia is carried out micro-economic empowerment process. According to the ADB, the definition of micro business is business - non-agricultural businesses employing less than ten people including family members and business owners. Meanwhile USAID defines micro enterprises as a business activity yyang employ up to ten workers, including unpaid family members. Sometimes, micro-enterprises also involve only one person is a business owner as well as a worker for the venture.
A microenterprise is a joint venture, or a family business, or a business partnership with its workforce of less than 10 people included in such business owners act as workers. Micro-businesses are often interpreted as a business survival rate where the level of their financial needs met through loans or small-scale savings. Actually, microeconomics has long been the backbone of the economy in Indonesia and continues to grow today.


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