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Medical Science Otolaryngologi (Ent)

Medical Science Otolaryngologi (Ent)

Author: Paula
Medical Science Otolaryngologi 

Otolaryngologi is one of the branches of the special kedolteran science specialization learn and handle about telingan care, nose, and throat so also commonly abbreviated with ENT. However, the actual Otolaryngologi not only as on ear, nose, and throat, but also learn about the disorders of the head and neck so sometimes there are also called ENT-KL.
Otolaryngologi himself was still divided – to again be some branches include:
• Otologi: this is the study of disorders of the ear – a disorder that occurs in the ear and micro ear surgery can do
• Rinologi: ENT Sciences this is the science that studies the specifics of paranasal sinuses and nose so that it is also commonly called by sinusologi and rinologi.
• Laringofaringologi: ENT Sciences focused study and handle the disorder – kelaianan happens throat
• Surgical Oncology Head Neck is part of the special menangai ENT tumors in the area of ear, nose, throat, head and neck.

• Neurotologi: the branch of science that studies the nervous – about nerves in the area of THT
• Bronkoesofagologi
• Allergy Immunology
• plastic Reconstruction
• ENT Community
Although THT is divided into several spesialiasi, still a little doctor – doctors who focus on sub sub – Ent. Some diseases that require the assistance of ENT specialist doctor such as tumor nasofarning tumor, tongue, tonsillitis, vertigo, hearing loss, facial trauma, paresis vocal cords, foreign objects which enter into the breath, foreign objects which enter in the channel cerna, and various other health problems around the head to the neck. Treatments performed by doctor THT can through treatment, injection, or surgery. It depends on the condition of illness experienced by the patient.
The ENT doctor to be actually the same as the other doctor doctor – i.e. must traverse a hierarchy of medical education. Basically, all the doctors good medical or other specialty ENT should learn the basic – basic medical sciences before studying THT specifically. In addition, prior to becoming doctors, doctors also have to undergo a period of apprenticeship in advance at the hospital.


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