Keraf Gorys Linguist Biographies

Keraf Gorys Linguist Biographies

Author: Paula
Keraf Gorys Linguist Biographies
Gorys Keraf was a doctor in the field of Linguistics. He is one of the best linguist in Indonesia. The book – a book written by graduates of the University of Indonesia is often digunanakan by a teacher or lecturer as a reference for learning the language of Indonesia. For the people of Flores and Lembata, he became a figure that inspires.
Gorys Keraf who was born with the name Gregory Keraf was born on November 17, 1936. He menempuk primary education and menenganya in his birthplace. After graduating from high school, he continued his studies at the University of Indonesia and Indonesia Literature Majors graduating in 1964.
In 1963, a year before his studies complete, he was appointed as lecturer Gorys remains in place of lectures at the Faculty of literature. In addition, he has been the Coordinator for Indonesian Language courses at the Faculty of law and Faculty of science – social sciences. Gorys not only taught at UI alone but he also taught at the universities of Tarumanegara University of Trisakti, Unika Atma Jaya Jakarta, etc. so that the flying hours Gorys has indeed very busy at that time.
In 1978, his skill in the field of languages grew as he won his doctorate in Linguistics at the University of Indonesia by selecting the title of his dissertation to Lamalera Dialect Morphology. In General, for the people of Flores and Lembata, he became a figure that boast at once inspiring because in the 80s and 90s can Flores people getting a doctorate, Professor, or even intekletual in ground water are still very a little bit.
In addition to teaching in College, he also became the nanny remained in daily Solar Surabaya in Indonesian Language Coaching section. He also occasionally appeared on TVRI Indonesian Language Coaching event to bring you.
Gorys during his lifetime has published a number of knowledge that opens the book by many people to easily understand the ins and outs of Indonesian Language. This linguist Professor closes the age on 30 August 1997 when he was 66 years old. Until now, his name is still remembered and science – science is still used as a reference.


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