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Harimurti Kridalaksana Biography

Harimurti Kridalaksana Biography

Author: Paula
Harimurti Kridalaksana Indonesia literature is an expert. Linguists who have the full name of the K.P. Harimurti Kridalaksana Emmanuel Hubert H Martanegara was born on December 23, 1939 in Ungaran, Central Java.
After graduating high school, Harimurti continued his studies at the University of Indonesia's Faculty of letters. Harimurti completed his undergraduate education in 1963. Then in 1971, Harimurti follow related didactic language education in the United States teparnya at the University of Pittsburg.
In 1973, he followed a summer school and became a visiting scholar at the University of Michigan. In 1971, he became a Fullbright Scholar at the University of Pittsburgh, USA. In 1985, Harimurti guest researchers and teachers at Johan Wolfgang Goethe Universitat in Germany. Finally in the year 1987, Harimurti won the title of doctor of literature.
Actually pursue careers in Harimurti World Education since 1961, when he became a teacher in the field of civics and as penerjama works – works in the social sciences and political sciences for several years. Harimurti began to serve at the University of Indonesia in 1961 and teaching historical linguistics Austronesian Comparative Linguistics and history in 1963. In addition to the UI, Harimurti also taught at Atma Jaya University of Gajah Mada, and several other universities.
Besides Indonesia, Harimurti was also teaching in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Naples, and in Frankfurt. Until recently, he was also still an external examiner at the Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Annamalia University, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Universiti Malaya and
During his service at the University of Indonesia, Harimurti ever twice became Chairman of the Department of literature of Indonesia and became the Coordinator in the field of cultural studies Graduate Program. As a linguist, Harimurti already written more than 100 papers and 20 books. 
In July 2002, Harimurti launched his latest book. In addition to active as teachers, Harimurti was also active in professional organizations. He never joined in the scientific organizations such as the Societas Linguistica Europaea, Linguistic Society of America, Linguistic Society of Indonesia, etc.


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