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Hamsad Rangkuti Biography

Hamsad Rangkuti Biography

Author: Paula
Hamsad Rangkuti
Indonesia does have a lot of linguists, one of them is Hamsad Rangkuti. Linguists on this one was born on May 7, 1943 in Titikuning, Medan. Indonesia writer who comes from this Field is widely known by the public through a short story that he created.
Childhood Hamsad passed along with six siblings in Kisaran. Hamsad instead originated from a residing family. He was happy to accompany her father who worked as a night watchman at a time as a teacher of the Koran. In addition, disadvantaged economic situation also requires him to join the Drudge as a seller of fruit in the market. In addition to selling fruit, he also worked as labourers in plantations of tobacco namely to help spray the pests that attack the plantations. Every day Hamsad help her mother flips – behind the tobacco leaves to check whether there are or not.
After the Caterpillar – Caterpillar stuck in tobacco leaves are collected, the Caterpillar is inserted into the tube and the calculated amount. Facing the difficulties of life that so often make a daydreaming with spending his time Hamsad and thinking about how to be and have something. His imagination that he pour into short stories. His talent for making the short story appears to be derived from his father who was fond of storytelling.

Due to the limited economic, Hamsad can not finishing secondary education. His education only up to grade 2 in 1961 because it can no longer afford to pay the tuition. After quitting school, Hamsad later worked as a civil servant in the Office of Justice of Kodam II in Medan.  However, he did not survive long employed there because he has a greater determination to become a writer.

Incidentally at the time of the Conference the employee Author Indonesia will be held in Jakarta and participated in the delegation listed Hamsad author of Northern Sumatra in the year 1964. Since the existence of such KKPI Hamsad decided to stay in Jakarta. In Jakarta, he lived in the House of culture, Central Jakarta.
Currently Hamsad has managed to reach the mind – mind as a writer of short stories. Even his has also been translated into foreign languages, namely short smile of a General Waste, December, etc.


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