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Government Use System Increment One Roof To Overcome Food

Government Use System Increment One Roof To Overcome Food

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The government plans to implement three policies in order to stabilize food prices. Policies that will be used by the government is the solution to cope with the rising prices of food commodities such as onions, garlic, and beef. This is the third food prices are relatively unstable and often increases. This was stated by Hatta Rajasa as Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs as found in the press conference after the stabilizing coordination meeting in the Ministry of Economic Coordinator's Office in Jakarta.
The first solution is the government will begin to establish a one-stop program for the marketing of horticultural products and meat. The Ministry of Agriculture will focus more on production while the Ministry of Commerce will focus more on the process of imports and exports. With the division of tasks between the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Commerce will not occur policy - policies that create distorted the situation in the market, it is related to horticulture or related to the meat will be corrected.
The second solution, to help stabilize the price of horticulture and meat in the near future, the government will urge importers to immediately realize food imports in accordance with the agreed quotas. This is due to the realization of import of registered importers are still inadequate. Hatta said that the Ministry of Commerce has called the importers to help realize these expectations. If not, then the price will remain high because the supply is less.
While the latter solution, the Ministry of Transportation also requested to expedite the distribution of the beef from the eastern Indonesian region to the western region that has the largest meat demand. Currently the price of beef is still fairly high at around Rp 90 thousand per kilogram. As for the price of onion in the market fell by about 30 percent and the garlic is now down about 70 percent. Nevertheless, the government will remain alert to the harvest of onions in May
Gita Wirjawan, Minister of Trade of Indonesia said that the program of the door, the Ministry of Trade will hold a commodity trading system fully while import allocation will be determined by ministerial order in accordance with the demand and supply in the country.
Furthermore, Gita said that the recommendation will import licensing disatuatapkan with registered importers and import approval letter. Gita sure that the supply of onion still be sufficient for the next few months. A total of 60,000 tons of onion to be imported to Indonesia so that the onion imports is expected to be more stable onion prices.


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