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Dentistry and branches of science

Dentistry and branches of science
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Dentistry and branches of science

Dentistry is a branch of medicine that studies about the treatment and prevention of diseases or abnormalities of the teeth and mouth through or without surgery. People who practice dentistry are known as dentists.
A dentist consists of general dentists and dental specialists. The practice of General Dentistry include curative action, promotif, rehabiliatif, and preventative against the condition of teeth and the mouth of a person.

General dentists in practice is certainly different from a specialist so that action can be done by care dentist General quite limited if compared to the dentist is a specialist who can perform surgery. Regular maintenance actions performed by general dentists are extractions of teeth, cleaning of tartar, patching cavities, and the manufacture of dentures,
In performing the diagnosis to the patient, many dentists are often using x-rays.
Someone who wants to be a dentist should be educated specifically for about 4 years in fakulas dentistry to gain a Bachelor of dentistry or S.KG. After that, prospective dentist also still have to follow a period of internship or clerk in the hospital for a little over two years in order to achieve the title of dentist.
As it says above that the dentist turned out to be also divided – to again be some specializations namely:
Oral surgery specialist dentists: oral surgery committing activities – activities of the surgery are in the area of the mouth or face for example do dentoalveolar surgery, nursing care of cleft lip, treating fractures in the area of the teeth, etc.
Endodonsia is a speciality dealing with the conservation of teeth
Oral Medicine is the dental specialists handle diseases – diseases that arise in the area of the mouth
Ortodonsia is the branch of dentistry are specialty handle braces and doing business – an attempt to spruce up uneven teeth or do the alignment of the teeth and jaw.
Pedodonsia is a specialty dentist who specifically deal with children. 
Periodonsia is a specialty of dentistry that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of supporting structure of bone-like teeth, gums, and tongue.
Prostodonsia is the branch of medicine that focuses on dental restoration and how to maintain the function of the oral cavity, aesthetics, and comfort
Radiology dentistry is a specialty of Dentistry which studies the retrieval procedure roentgen photographs his teeth, bones, skull and jaw.


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