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Danarto Linguist Biographies

Danarto Linguist Biographies

Author: Paula Danarto is a writer and well-known writer in Indonesia. His work is widely known among them is the Godlob. Danarto never won the prize of literature in 1982 from the Jakarta Arts Council Prize and got the main Book of the year 1982 and received an A.a Bakrie Award in the field of literature in the year 2009.
Danarto born in Sragen, Central Java on 27 June 1941. He was the son of Jakio Harjodinomo and Siti Aminah. His father worked as a foreman at a sugar factory and his mother selling batik on the market.
Setekah completed his education in the elementary school, JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL to continue her studies Danarto and continued his studies at the HIGH SCHOOL part of the existing Literature on the Solo. After graduating high school, he continued his studies at the Academy of fine arts Indonesia Yogyakarta, majoring in Painting.
Danarto does have talent in the field of art. He actively helped the magazine Si Tuft in 1958 until 1962. The magazine Si Tuft is a children's magazine featured stories – stories for children. The story of decorating danarto with different pictures. In addition, Danarto also makes a wide range of works of art such as mosaics, sculptures, murals, and relief. Many offices, gendung, and private homes have be handled with his ability.
In the year 1969 until 1974, working in this profession Danarto artisan posters in Jakarta Art Centre. In 1973, he became a lecturer at the Academy of fine arts LPKJ.
In the field of literature, working in this world more pleased Danarto drama. From 1959 until 1964, he became a member of the Association of painters who often mengadak exhibition of painting, dance, theater, and performance of musk in Sanggar Bambu.
Danarto contributed in Dresser decor in staging a drama performed by Rendra and Arifin c. Noor. In 1970, Danarto went to Expo 70 in Japan. As of 1971, Danarto active help 56th Festival Fantastikue held in Paris. Danarto indeed actively follow literary activities in and outside the country. He proved it by attending International Poets Festival held in Rotterdam.


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