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Biography Of WS. Rendra

Biography Of WS. Rendra

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WS. Rendra
WS. Rendra is one of the most popular languages. WS. Rendra, have the original name Willibrodus Surendra Broto. He was born on November 7, 1935 in Solo, Central Java. He is the son of Raden Sugeng Cyprianus Brotoatmodjo Raden Ayu and her mother Catharina Ismadillah. 
The father is playwright Rendra, at once a teacher of Javanese and Indonesian Language Catholic school, Solo. While the mother was a dancer serimpi Rendra in Surakarta. Rendra, spent her childhood in Solo until his teens.
Artists who is also a poet that get the nickname the Peacocks. WS. Rendra died at the age of 74 years in the Hospital Family Partners. Thousands of mourners attended the procession he eating in the area of Cipayung Jaya, Depok, West Java.
Rendra started his studies from Kindergarten – right (kindergarten) in 1942. He graduated from high school in 1952 at a Catholic school that is in the Solo. After graduating high school, Rendra, wanted to further her studies at the Academy of Foreign Affairs in Jakarta. The Academy, however, it was closed. He then went to Yogyakarta and continued his studies at the University of Gajah Mada in the Faculty of literature. At GMU, he did not complete his studies. In 1954, Rendra, deepening his knowledge of science in the field of drama and dance in America and he obtained a scholarship from the American Academy of Drama Art (AADA). Rendra also attended a seminar on literature at Hardvard because Universitast was invited by the local government.
Literary talent Rendra actually was in sight when he was in junior high school. At the time, was fond of writing short stories already Rendra, poetry, and drama for seolahnya activities. Rendra not only clever, but also good at writing in the art of drama and a reader of poetry talent.
Rendra, first published his poems in 1952 that was published in the magazine Finesse. Since then, many of his poems – poetry adorn magazine – the magazine when it was such a base, a new Stratagem, confrontation, art, and stories. The works – works of WS. Rendra not only popular in Indonesia but also many that are translated into a foreign language as the language of the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, and India.


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