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Best Economic Solution: Fuel Up With One Price

Best Economic Solution: Fuel Up With One Price

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The government's plan to be revised a policy of subsidized fuel prices into a price hike only get a lot of positive response from economists. In fact, according to some economists the increase in fuel prices is the best solution rather than fuel made into two rates, particularly from the aspect of ease of application in the field.
Zamroni of Economic observers in Indonesian Institute of Sciences revealed that the rise in fuel prices into the price was simple and very profitable. Moreover, we have encountered so far much concern where stakeholders on the ground can not figure out the problem directly
"The increase in fuel into the price certainly is the best solution than the fuel policy two prices. Meanwhile, to compensate the government is expected to see it on the indicator the middle to lower income. I think the increase in fuel prices to a price range of Rp 6,000 to Rp 6,500, - per liter is still reasonable, "said Zamroni when contacted on Monday (29/4).
Almost the same as Zamroni statement, Enny Sri Hartati, Director of Institur for Development of Economics and Finance also suggests that if policy-setting rise in fuel prices into the prices will greatly affect the effectiveness of the implementation on the ground. However, if the increase in the price policy is implemented, the impact of inflation that will arise from these policies tend to be higher dariapada with two price policy. According Enny should be subsidized fuel price increases in the range of up to Rp 6,000 per liter due to see the purchasing power of the people. It also will have an impact on rising food prices.
Enny also urged later after the price increase policy is set, the cost savings obtained or budget can be allocated to help small and micro businesses are expected to experience the greatest impact from this policy. One of the efforts is to conduct a fiscal stimulus program such as market access, financing, etc. In addition, the lower middle class is estimated also the most vulnerable groups affected by these policies. Therefore, the government is expected to increase the labor-intensive programs allow people to get their job security.


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